Industry leading agencies Marketing Werks, PromoWorks and CROSSMARK Events join forces with Product Connections to drive omnichannel engagement solutions, helping brands build relationships with consumers in a rapidly changing retail landscape.

Bentonville, AR (July 2022) – WIS International, one of the leading global inventory and data collection services companies, announced the merger of multiple marketing agencies under one new umbrella agency: Product Connections.

Formerly four leading agencies at the top of their industries – Marketing Werks, PromoWorks, CROSSMARK Events, and Product Connections – the newly redefined Product Connections brings together 50+ years of combined marketing experience to develop brand solutions for consumer engagement across an omnichannel shopping path.

“Combining the expertise of these teams into one collective will give brands access to an incredible wealth of knowledge around impactful consumer engagement,” says Jason Gramling, EVP, General Manager of Product Connections. “That expertise spans from strategic creative solutions to executional excellence in face-to-face and digital interactions. As the consumer landscape is changing every day, this team is uniquely poised to solve how best to interact with consumers or shoppers, wherever they are.”

Over the past several years, the shopper journey has evolved to include an increase in on-demand solutions, more online shopping occasions, and more choice. Product Connections, with robust services across the consumer path to purchase, can pinpoint what engagement points – online, in-store, or everyday life – will be the most effective to reach brand goals.

The full suite of services for Product Connections includes digital and traditional retail events and demos, experiential marketing and sponsorship activation, and omnichannel shopper marketing, along with robust video production and creative studios.

In addition to the core services, Product Connections and its clients have unparalleled access to retail data, driving marketing strategies that are informed by retail activity, increasing effectiveness of spend.

“We don’t make things; we make connections. And our product is creating meaningful events, memorable engagements, and targeted digital experiences. Our people bring the ideas and skills to the table that deliver exactly the right product to make the perfect consumer connection,” Gramling added.


Product Connections, a WIS International Company headquartered in Bentonville, AR, is an integrated marketing agency delivering powerful consumer engagements for some of the most iconic brands on shelves. Product Connections solutions include digital and traditional in-and-out-of-store demos, experiential marketing, sponsorship activation, and omnichannel shopper marketing. Along with a robust video production and creative studio, Product Connections delivers brand solutions that connect products to the right target at the right time, effectively moving consumers down the conversion funnel.  


WIS International is one of the leading global inventory and data collection services companies. With internally developed software, patented hardware and skilled workforce, WIS International provides physical inventory counting, merchandising and space optimization services to the majority of leading retailers worldwide.


Blair Cook